Preliminary Task: Filming

We had a very limited time of 50 minutes to set up all the equipment and get it filmed. We did manage to film everything we wanted to film but….It was a bit of a disaster in truth.

Our first problem arose when the equipment betrayed us and stole a good 10 minutes of our time. This was then shortly followed up by our actress and actor refusing to speak in Spanish as they had just been given the lines and didn’t feel comfortable doing so..(its not like i said to my team mates that it was a bad idea for the amount of time we had, or that doing it in Spanish would make it 10x more difficult).


We ended up being flexible and used the english translation of the script and didn’t waste time creating a new one.

The story board made was like gods gift and made the entire filming process easy as we knew what we wanted to film and didn’t waste time debating. We did manage to film everything with little time to spare.

We tried to include as many filming skills as possible and made use of shot reverse shot and close ups rather prolifically. Sticking to the 180 degree rule proved difficult and it could be said that we did distort the room slightly using some of the angles we did use. However this was just a preliminary task to get us warmed up but Im feeling confident for future projects!


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