Finished Artefact

After listening to our last feedback we have improved and and altered our film to meet the satisfaction of not only ourselves but also others who gave us the feedback.

This is the Final product in its entirety. The title of the film is ‘The Requited’  stars Blake Keneally Forrester as the main protagonist.


Rough Cut 2 Feedback

Taking into consideration of our first feedback from our peers and teachers, we showed the same group of people and more developed film to get even more feedback in order to perfect our film.

The feedback received this time around was the following:

  • In the final shot of the film, the soundtrack appears to be very quiet. After re-watching the opening, I completely agree. To resolve this, I will make the music louder and also make sure it is consistent throughout.
  • Another piece of feedback we got was to sort out the in and out fading of the establishing shots at the start of the opening. Our teacher suggested that we should have the fades on for longer; this is something we will work on in the next lesson.
  • The final piece of feedback was to make sure the 180′ rule is perfect and applied correctly in our film opening. Some shots need to be edited so the characters do not look like they are walking in different directions and standing in different positions than they were before.

Taking these final notes of feedback should see our film be completed and we shall now act upon them and aim to get our film finished by the end of the week.


Sound Track

Today we made it our mission to find a soundtrack for out 2 minute film opening as not only does it add atmosphere but also conforms to the conventions of a thriller genre.

We were looking for a soundtrack that was sombre and foreboding without being overpowering as we both felt that this would suit our film very nicely. What we had in mind was a solo and sombre piano so, we looked at different websites to find the music we were looking for.

The website we went on was ‘’ which is a free music website where the music isn’t copyrighted.screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-10-25-19.png

Using the many filter the website had to offer we found this soundtrack:screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-10-32-23.png

This soundtrack is ideal and what we will be using.

Colour Grading

With our footage ready to be edited and cut down into a two minute opening, we looked into colour grading our footage to provide a atmosphere and tone. With research into the colour palette of David Fincher’s Gone Girl we decided to colour grade our footage in a similar manor in order to replicate the same effect it has on the audience of a sombre and dark tone.

We began by looking at what Final Cut Pro’s already made filters had to offer and explored many different options. We found that the ‘cool tones’ filter was the closest desired filter and would act as a good base filter for all of our footage. We applied the filter to all the footage but due to the lighting being different in each shot, some adjusting of the saturation, exposure and colour needed to be made.


As the character moved through the setting and due to the different shots spanning over a 3 hour time period, the lighting changed in each shot with a significant difference. To combat this we changed the exposure of the shot which effects the brightness of the footage. After we had done this and looked through every piece of footage adjusting it, there was only one more colour grading process to do .


The final process in terms of colour grading was to emphasise certain colours and more specifically, highlight the red fake blood on the knife and tissue. To do this we had to apply a key frame and then overlay the footage on top of each other with the colour of red being enhanced. This was a tricky process however added a extra skill to the editing process and adds depth to the final product.

Rough Cut 1 Feedback

Unfortunately I was not present for our feedback on our rough cut but here is what my partner (Emily Jackson) had to say:

[Today we showed the rough cut version of our film to the class; we also watched the other class’ work. In this lesson, we received some constructive criticism from the teachers and our classmates. I found this lesson very helpful as it helped us get an idea on what we need to improve on.

  • This criticism wasn’t for our rough cut – it was for somebody else’s film opening. However, it was a piece of criticism which needs to be made sure of in our film to. The point was : the film opening needs to have a narrative. A common mistake for many filmmakers is not having an actual flowing story in the openings. Even though I’m definitely sure that we have it, it is always good to check that our opening follows the a narrative flow and structure.
  • Moving onto the criticism of our work – the first piece of criticism is to cut down the last shot. This is completely understandable as the last shot is quite long and can become boring for the audience so, this feedback is helpful for us.
  • The next piece of criticism is to sort out the sound. Some clips we have in our film opening have no sound attached to them. The first thing we did when we began making the rough cut was to put all the clips together first and then sort out the sound. After cutting down the last shot, we will then work on the diegetic and non-diegetic sound for our opening.
  • The next piece of feedback is to perhaps film some more shots of Adam (the man who walks through the gate and spots the main protagonist). Since the shots we have are showing a build up to where Adam sees Blake, we could add more in and place those clips in at the start. For example, a shot at the start could show Adam coming out of his house and just going for a walk. This normal life that Adam has in the film contrasts with the unusual and dark behaviour Blake shows.
  • Linking to sound, there could be some sort of non-diegetic soundtrack playing subtly in the background of the video. However, the diegetic sound we have recorded of the birds tweeting and the gravel crunching is quite effective therefore, we wouldn’t have the soundtrack concealing these effects. A good website we were recommended for a soundtrack of some sorts was: audionetwork.lgfl

We will definitely take this feedback into account and make sure we can apply it to our rough cut to make the best possible film opening which creates an atmosphere and overall mood for the audience.]