Updated script

With a re-cast of characters to now a teenage boy, we have altered the script by changing a few actions that our Protagonist makes. Here is the final copy.



Filming day 2 (update)

Upon looking at our footage and editing it together, we realised that a few more establishing shots should be filmed and also realised that in one shot it doesn’t conform to the 180 degree rule. Today I will go film the rest of the shots that we need and then the entire production stage of our task will be complete.

Filming day 2

Today was the final day to get it right and film for the second time with a new actor and script in mind.

The weather conditions were better than before with it only being mild outside however they were still not ideal. We found that it was too sunny for the atmosphere that we wanted our film to portray but nevertheless we started filming, knowing we could overcome this problem using editing.

Due to the good weather and our location being a public area we did come across the problem of having Dog walkers and other visitors interrupt filming which did slowdown the process.

It took around 3.5 hours in total to finish filming with us spending half an hour setting up equipment and then another 3 hours filming and taking multiple takes of shots so we had a wide range of material we could use when entering the editing process.

We wanted to get the most complicated shots done first such as the Dolly and stedicam and then we moved onto the still, tripod shots. Happy that we had all the shots we needed and had continuity in our footage, we filmed the establishing shots to finish off the process.


Costume and Actor

With the script now updated we set out to find a new actor. Our friend Blake volunteered to fill the role and using clothes that he already had in his wardrobe we designed a outfit for him.

The script states that his costume is “quite dirty and dark” so we opted for a full black outfit consisting of: A black jacket, black hoodie, black beanie, black trousers and black shoes.

We opted for the blacked out look to highlight the scenes and action taking place rather than his clothing choice and we thought black would be a good dull and mundane colour to do this. It also helps conform to the colour palette of the film that we desired and also gives connotations of death which forebodes and hints to events that take place in the movie.

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Filming Day 1 (update)

Due to not being pleased with our footage we are now planning on having a re-shoot staring a new actor. However we are still aiming to follow the same genre of thrillers and still want to create the same mood that we had set out for creating originally.

Our new actor is a teenage boy which means in order to make our film look professional and realistic, we must change the plot and script to fit a teenage boy. We are doing this as a script intended for a middle aged man (Stewart Trapper) would not fit the re-cast of a teenage boy and make the film look amateur and unbelievable, this could consequently lead to our audience being taken out the film and ruining the immersion we aim our film to have.

Filming Day 1

Filming and Old Bolingbroke Castle began today. Given that I had the most experience with using the camera equipment, I was delegated the task of filming while Emily would record audio.

The weather was the first problems that occurred today with it being ridiculously windy. Because of the immense amount of wind we found setting up the equipment near to impossible as not only was it cold but it also blew away light pieces of equipment such as dolly tracks. The wind also effected the quality of audio as the wind is all you can hear for the majority of the shots.

The Landscape we were filming on was immensely underestimated despite me scouting out where would be a good place to film. The Dolly Track was too big for the areas we wanted to use it in and the rough terrain meant the dolly didn’t run on the tracks properly and kept falling off. we did bring small pieces of wood to help even the land up however this was not enough.

For our Actor we casted Emily father and due to other plans he had also made on that day, we were very short on the amount of time we had with him. This time limit that we had with the actor meant that we rushed filming and thus missed out some major shots that me needed. Due to the continuity of our film not existing we will now re-cast, re-film and re-write the script.