Preliminary Task: Planning


The brief for our preliminary task was to create a 30 second movie clip of a conversation between two people on a subject of our choice, in which it includes a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom she/he then exchanges a few lines of dialogue with. We were put into groups of three and were firstly set a task of coming up with a script and idea for our video.

Our initial idea for the scrip was a conversation between Mafia type characters as we thought a character such as this would be able to create a great ambiance that would then show while filming, not only that but they are often portrayed as being over exaggerated and are shrouded in mystery which would give our short film a good feel to it. But this idea was deemed too complicated to get right so we stuck with a simple break-up/i’m pregnant scene.. But with a twist, or as the Spanish say; Pero con un toque. Yep. We decided to do it in Spanish.

We then wrote a script for a conversation between the Spanish couple ensuring it made sense. This scrip worked and we stuck with it.

A story board was then written up which included poorly drawn drawings however it would help us film later on as it gave us a rough idea of how it should all pan out and the different camera angles we could use.

To conclude the planning we had to think of a location and we decided that we didn’t need anything special or in-particular and so we chose to film in an empty classroom known as the irrational room as it was often quiet and we could go undisturbed.




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