Pre-Production Finished

With filming starting tomorrow, we have successfully completed any work that needed to be done before we started filming.



Ahead of filming we have decided that we will only feature two props in our 2 minute film opening. The props used shall be a old kitchen knife and some fake blood. We have selected these two props having the conventions of the thriller genre which our film will be, in mind. We believe that using just two props will be effective and help add to the desired atmosphere we want to create as well as add depth to our storyline.

The Fake Blood Covered Cloth

I used the fake blood I made and covered the tissue with it. This is what the knife will be placed in; giving the effect that the left over blood on the knife has been wiped off using the cloth.

A Knife

The knife is just an old kitchen knife. We chose a kitchen knife because, we wanted it to look like the teenage boy had picked it up in the kitchen.



Equipment Practise- Dolly Shot

The Dolly Shot is an extremely common technique used in real forms of media product and in order to make ours professional, we decided we would also try using a dolly shot.

Although the Dolly can be difficult to set up and can only be used in certain areas big enough to fit the track in, we found the dolly shots smooth movement that it provides to be very appealing.

Equipment Testing- Stedicam

To prepare ourselves for filming and knowing from our research that we would like to use a Stedicam, we set out to get some practise. This is the footage I managed to capture:

For a fist attempt I feel like this was not that bad considering how difficult I found it was to handle the equipment. The Stedicam provides a good means to follow a character up close and can look smooth and professional. I will carry on Practising with the steady cam up until our day of filming.

Making the Second Ident

Research into the 2 minutes of a films opening had told us the many films contain 2 or more idents, so given the fact we had already completed one, we moved on to making another. This time we decided to challenge ourselves further and opted for a more complex ident compared to our first.

  1. The first thing we did was to import the footage I recorded of the waves crashing. This was because our production name was decided upon to be called ‘Tsunami Productions’ so, we wanted to have something which represented this.
  2. The next thing we did was to add the text (this was the “productions”) and we added a basic blur in effect to add some animation to the ident.
  3. The third thing we did was that we added another layer of text. This was underlaid over the video footage of the waves.
  4. I then added an image mask of the waves and then dragged the ‘Tsunami’ titles over the image mask. It created like a window effect since the waves were seeping through the text.screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-10-35-54.pngscreen-shot-2017-02-03-at-10-35-45-1.pngscreen-shot-2017-02-03-at-10-35-32.png

The final product looks like this:


The process took the best part of 3 lessons but Im very proud of how it has turned out as i believe that it is unique and looks professional. My one criticism of the ident however is the quality of video of the waves, as once adding a image mask it does dampen down the quality of footage. Other than that the ident was a success.