Preliminary Task: Editing

With all the filming competed, it was time to edit our footage! This time we were allowed around 2 hours to edit so i product didn’t look too rushed.

Being my first time using final cut pro, it did prove challenging but the programme does have a relatively easy interface to navigate and basic yet professional editing can be done to a high standard. I certainly didn’t utilise the features it has but i am excited for future projects in which i can learn more about the programme.

I found matching the audio from the microphone and the footage from the camera, challenged me the most as getting it to match up perfectly is the difference between a awful clip and a good clip, even if its off by a couple of milliseconds it doesn’t look quite right. This is why i have a new found respect for anyone in the film editing industry.

Getting the film to flow and have a sense continuity was also a challenge as every shot needed to be frame by frame perfect but it could be said that this was made slightly easier with final cuts good software that allows you to zoom in and cut footage to precise desired lengths.

Overall i’d confidently say that i’m impressed with myself being that it was my first attempt ever. Looking forward to future projects to come.


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