Colour Grading

With our footage ready to be edited and cut down into a two minute opening, we looked into colour grading our footage to provide a atmosphere and tone. With research into the colour palette of David Fincher’s Gone Girl we decided to colour grade our footage in a similar manor in order to replicate the same effect it has on the audience of a sombre and dark tone.

We began by looking at what Final Cut Pro’s already made filters had to offer and explored many different options. We found that the ‘cool tones’ filter was the closest desired filter and would act as a good base filter for all of our footage. We applied the filter to all the footage but due to the lighting being different in each shot, some adjusting of the saturation, exposure and colour needed to be made.


As the character moved through the setting and due to the different shots spanning over a 3 hour time period, the lighting changed in each shot with a significant difference. To combat this we changed the exposure of the shot which effects the brightness of the footage. After we had done this and looked through every piece of footage adjusting it, there was only one more colour grading process to do .


The final process in terms of colour grading was to emphasise certain colours and more specifically, highlight the red fake blood on the knife and tissue. To do this we had to apply a key frame and then overlay the footage on top of each other with the colour of red being enhanced. This was a tricky process however added a extra skill to the editing process and adds depth to the final product.


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