Filming day 2

Today was the final day to get it right and film for the second time with a new actor and script in mind.

The weather conditions were better than before with it only being mild outside however they were still not ideal. We found that it was too sunny for the atmosphere that we wanted our film to portray but nevertheless we started filming, knowing we could overcome this problem using editing.

Due to the good weather and our location being a public area we did come across the problem of having Dog walkers and other visitors interrupt filming which did slowdown the process.

It took around 3.5 hours in total to finish filming with us spending half an hour setting up equipment and then another 3 hours filming and taking multiple takes of shots so we had a wide range of material we could use when entering the editing process.

We wanted to get the most complicated shots done first such as the Dolly and stedicam and then we moved onto the still, tripod shots. Happy that we had all the shots we needed and had continuity in our footage, we filmed the establishing shots to finish off the process.



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