Filming Day 1

Filming and Old Bolingbroke Castle began today. Given that I had the most experience with using the camera equipment, I was delegated the task of filming while Emily would record audio.

The weather was the first problems that occurred today with it being ridiculously windy. Because of the immense amount of wind we found setting up the equipment near to impossible as not only was it cold but it also blew away light pieces of equipment such as dolly tracks. The wind also effected the quality of audio as the wind is all you can hear for the majority of the shots.

The Landscape we were filming on was immensely underestimated despite me scouting out where would be a good place to film. The Dolly Track was too big for the areas we wanted to use it in and the rough terrain meant the dolly didn’t run on the tracks properly and kept falling off. we did bring small pieces of wood to help even the land up however this was not enough.

For our Actor we casted Emily father and due to other plans he had also made on that day, we were very short on the amount of time we had with him. This time limit that we had with the actor meant that we rushed filming and thus missed out some major shots that me needed. Due to the continuity of our film not existing we will now re-cast, re-film and re-write the script.


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