Plot Idea:1

Today we started exploring unique plot ideas that our film could adopt and have developed our first one:

Stewart Trapper is a British man who moves up north to his home town along with his family, after getting made redundant twice and then getting fired due to his addiction to alcohol. In trouble with the law due to  turning to thievery during tough times, Stewart only has his family for protection and comfort. When Stewart stumbles back home after a lonely night of drinking to discover his family dead and a stranger stood in his house next to the bodies, Stewart brutally kills the suspected murderer using his bare hands in a drunken outrage. The protagonist, and now murderer, wakes up after blacking out the night before and then painfully rediscovers the crime scene all over again but this time he is sober. Stewart is a man who believes in the saying “It is not who fired the shot but who paid for the bullet” and when he discovers a note in the strangers pocket that reads of instructions to kill his family, Stewart makes it his goal to tract down the orchestrator of the murder immediately after he disposes of all the victims bodies in a abandoned castle ruin. Getting drunk every night to drown his sorrows, slows down his progress in finding the Man who supposedly orchestrated the killing of his family however he remains ambitious when he wakes up the next morning.

Eventually Stewart comes to discover that it was him who killed not only his family but also a stranger who was simply there to check out if everything was alright after hearing screams. The note found  can also be explained as it turns out to be written by himself when yet again he was drunk. Each night when stewart would get drunk, he’d turn into an abusive monster capable of killing his own family and then would simply forget about last nights previous events and repeat the cycle. While getting drunk during the nights when he was looking for the Murderer of his family, his drunken self would try and hide any clues that would lead to him which meant the cycle repeated its self until drunken Stewart made a mistake that sober Stewart finds.

Stewarts only way out of this situation is death.


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