Audience Expectations of the Thriller Genre

It is immensely important to identify your audiences expectations into watching a thriller film in order to comply to the conventions as well as challenge them.

The demographic for the thriller genre is young adults; mainly 18-25 year olds. This is due young adults being attracted to the well developed storylines that are pinnacle to the thriller genre unlike comedies and horrors which are not as heavily reliant on the plot. However the thriller genre is an umbrella term with sub genres being; Action Thriller, Crime Thriller, Film-Noir and romantic thrillers. With different sub genres also comes different audiences with romantic thriller for example, attracting a female audience whereas an action thriller attracting a more male dominated audience from the ages of 15-30.

The expectation of watching a thriller is that it has a strong storyline which engages the audience into the characters’ lives. A thriller film does not give much detail about the characters at the start so, a lot of the film is about character progression.

We will take these expectations into account if we decide to put our film opening under the category of the thriller genre.


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