Looking At 2 Minute Film Openings

Today we looked at the openings of films to try and give us an idea of roughly what our title sequence and opening should look like. Gone girl and The lovely bones were the film introductions we explored and we did timelines of each to see how the two compared and what was shown in each, at different times throughout the openings.

Gone Girl 

0:00:00 – 0:00:07 : 20th Century Fox logo sequence and uneasy and uncomfortable music begins to play

0:00:08 – 0:00:17 : Regency logo sequence

0:00:18 : Fade in of “Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises present”

0:00:20 : Narrative of protagonist starts

0:00:22 : Fade in of “A David Fincher Film”

0:00:25 : Fade in of the start of the scene

0:00:47 : Fade out of the scene

0:00:48 : Names of actors fade in and then fade out

0:00:54 : Film Title is shown then fades out

0:00:57 – 0:01:34 : New establishing shots and names of cast and crew appear every second

0:01:35 : Wide shot and new scene of protagonist stood in the street

0:01:38: Long shot showing different angle of the character

0:01:43: Same angle as opening wide shot but as a long shot

0:01:50: Panoramic shot to show movement and location of character

It should be noted that Non-Diegetic sound track can be heard thorough the entirety of the film opening.  

The Lovely Bones 

0:00:00 – 0:00:20 : Paramount logo sequence

0:00:21 – 0:00:40 : Dreamworks logo sequence and calm music begins to play

0:00:41 – 0:00:50 : Film 4 logo sequence

0:00:52 : Fade in of “Dreamworks Pictures and Film 4 Present”

0:01:00 : Fade in of “A Wingnut Films Production”

0:01:07 : Fade in of the start of the scene

0:01:20 : Narrative begins

0:02:08 : Title fades in over scene

Again, Non-Diegetic sound track can be heard thorough the entirety of the film opening.  

This process has shown us the similarities and differences that film openings have and has helped us gain a better idea of what ours should look like.


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