Introduction To Coursework Task

In the Media lesson today we talked about the foundation portfolio in media which would be our coursework. We have been set the task to Create the titles and opening of a new fiction film to last a maximum of two minutes.

In order to complete our coursework to a high standard we must document the 9 stages we must complete. 

Form- This involves looking at the conventions of film openings and certain patterns that re-occur. We must also look at what makes the first two minutes of a film good.

Genre- After establishing what the 2 minutes of a film looks like then we must pick a specific genre we want to portray in the first 2 minutes of our film and research what an audience expects from certain genre.

Idea- Once a Genre is picked then an plot that is built around the genre for not just the first 2 minutes but for the entire movie is thought up. This idea should be unique and be ever changing, getting refined with each new idea and depth to the storyline.

Pitch- Happy with our final plot idea we must now pitch the idea of our film in a professional manor to our fellow class mates and teachers as if they were potential investors.

Script- Now we must research into what a traditional film script looks like and what they contain in order to start making our own.

Story board- Again we must research into conventions of storyboards and then storyboard ourselves each scene which we desire to film using a professional computer programme.

Branding- Logos often appear at the start of movies so in this process we will make original logos for our films using special software programmes.

Practical Preparations- This will involve making sure everything is planned and ready to film. Things such as: Make up, Hair, Costumes, Equipment, Actors, Locations, Filming schedule and creating a YouTube channel should all be done during this time.

Filming can then proceed over the Holiday’s and Editing is carried out as soon as we get back from the holidays. My blog will track each and every step towards my final product and provide an insight to each process that is carried out in order to make a 2 minute long film opening.



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