Remake of Lucky You

Upon being disappointed with our Reservoir Dogs remake we decided to yet again carry out the task but do a Remake of the film ‘Lucky You’. The process was mostly the same as Reservoir Dogs although it was even more rushed as we had even fewer time to plan. We were also split in half instead of working in a big group like before. I was in a group with Millie S, Sean, Owen and Katie.


This process was a whole lot more difficult than it should have been and it certainly didn’t help that almost every single battery we tried using was flat and had to make constant changes. It wasn’t till we finally found a battery which would of been able to last us the 50 minute, and now 30 minute time slot that we had been allocated. Due to the rushed conditions we didn’t manage to get all the shots how we wanted and just focussed on getting a substantial amount of footage. Due to poor story boarding we did find this process difficult.


We edited our footage in pairs and I was teamed up with Millie S to carry out the task. We both did an even split of editing and did our best with the footage we had. We did realise holes in which we hadn’t filmed the right amount of clips but managed to fill them in and get the timing up to a decent standard.



Really not impressed by this second attempt and feel like our first attempt doing Reservoir dogs was more of a success than this. This poor finished product would be mainly due to the technical problems we had with not only the camera batteries but also the microphone as a whole, hence why the audio used was taken just straight off of the camera instead of mic. The whole process could of gone smoother if better planned and storyboards were clearer and more detailed. However i will learn from my mistakes and hopefully use the experience gained to create a better film in the upcoming projects and tasks.


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