John Lewis 2016 Advert

Easily one of the most overhyped days of the year is the day that the John Lewis’s “Tear Jerking” Christmas adverts come up on our televisions and I hate to be the Grinch but I honestly don’t see why these mildly above average adverts (which I want to skip through anyway) get half the attention that they do! Fair enough some of them in the past can count as being “Cute” with Snowmen wanting to find their partners and Woodland animals wanting to decorate a Christmas Tree but this year was exceptionally awful.

I’ll let you have a watch first:


Im sorry to tell you that if you have a Boxer…you also have an ugly dog and especially if it’s CGI like good old Buster here. Boxer’s aren’t even ugly enough to become cute like a Pug is able to but I digress.

The advert is basically showing a cult of vermin found in Britain, tainting a poor girls brand spanking new christmas present. No doubt that there would be a small army of flees now colonising the trampoline after the cult were done vandalising the innocent girls gift, so now Christmas is ruined for her. Buster is also shown as being nothing more than a jealous a selfish dog that doesn’t care for his owner after he clearly pushes in front of the little girl.

Overall I can take away that Boxers are still ugly dogs with and without CGI and Britain’s Vermin are teaming up together to ruin christmas. Try harder John Lewis.


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