Why I hate the Big Bang Theory

I Have had it. Its on at almost every time of the day and yes, I know that there are other channels but I’ve had enough of constantly seeing it everywhere. The Big Bang Theory is like a rash on your television that you cant get rid of.

I hate The Big Bang Theory and not just because of it lingering around on the Tv constantly but for so many more reasons and i shall use this post as a platform to have a small rant.

It is simply not funny

I can’t even say that it doesn’t have a tasteful humour because that would be implying that it was some sort of humour when in reality it simply has none. It never has had any good humour through jokes or gags and as long as the writers and actors are the same, it never will have humour. If you don’t believe me just watch this video in which someone blocked out the audience ‘laughs’ to highlight how non existent the jokes and humour is.

As you can see the ‘jokes’ (if you can even call them that) are empty and have no depth and sometimes just are none existent

Lack of Originality 

Every single episodes follows the same format time and time again and this helps make it extremely boring. Sorry for using another video but this one is just so perfect that i cant not include it:

Geek Stereotype

They’ve completely overplay the geek stereotype with the constant references to Lord of the rings (Great set of films and a post about the trilogy is to come soon, comic books and any scientific topic.The worst part of it all is that the geek quartet has characters such as Sheldon and Raj who seem to be basket cases that need counseling and possibly medication for their ailments. But no… they are just ‘geeks’. The Irony of it all now is that all of the characters go against the stereotype the writers originally set for them being that 2 of them are married and the other 2 are in a relationship.


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