Bugsy Malone


I attended St.Andrews C of E Primary School in Wood hall Spa and as tradition, before you left the school to go to Secondary School, we’d spend the last few months of our time there rehearsing for the play. Bugsy Malone will always have a precious place in my heart being that it is the same musical which we chose to perform for our end of Year 6 play and I have nothing but the fondest of memories about it.

It was absolutely bliss. We were all the eldest kid’s at school and we had nothing to worry about given that all of our 11+’s had been completed. As a child there was nothing more exciting as to when the Tv got rolled into the classroom because you knew that for a good 30 minutes you could sit back and not have a care in the world and just enjoy a good lesson of doing diddly squat. We must of watched the film Bugsy Malone about 3 times all the way through before actually getting on with casting, etc, etc, so life was pretty easy.

The first time watching the Musical i was amazed and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it amazing, and still find it amazing upon re-watching it recently, how well executed a full cast of children who play adults was done. The concept is very rare and gives it a very unique feel to it and makes for a good Y6 Performance perfectly given that we were the same age as the characters seen in the movie.

I was casted as one of the main characters of Dandy Dan and I couldn’t of been happier, I got plenty of time on the stage and Dandy Dan was my favourite character from the Movie so I was chuffed when I was casted for the role. For the following months I rehearsed my lines and spent a numerous amount of lessons in the hall playing out certain scenes with my class mates and I can happily say that they are some of my fondest memories of Going to Primary School.

We had to perform our Play twice and the performance was a hit with all the Parents. I Strongly recommend people to watch this film if they are looking for something out of the ordinary conventions of film.


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