My Top 3 Christmas Movies

Its November so it is officially acceptable to talk about Christmas.



Im not afraid to admit that i have a soft spot for anything Will Ferrel is in and Elf is no exception. The loveable and “Not all there” character that Will Ferrel plays makes it impossible to not enjoy this film. The ratio between Comedy and Storyline is perfect and it doesn’t try too hard to be funny nor does it lack on the humorous side of things. The movies stays true to it genre under the christmas category and it does make you feel “christmassy” which is what every great christmas film should aim for.


The Polar Express

Its a film that arguably anyone can enjoy. Its tense and unpredictable at some parts and after you finish watching it you feel a weird sense of fulfilment and it inspires you to do good during Christmas times. It is however in unique by it avoiding all the tiresome Christmas cliches that children have thrown on to them this time of year which is fresh and new.

Home Alone Image 1 - 1990 Twentieth Century Fox.JPG

Home Alone

Although the cute Macaulay Culkin plays star role in this film Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci steal the show. The over-exaggerated slapstick comedy is made by these actors and is done to a super high standard. Im a fan of almost everything Joe Pesci has done and love the way he can bring an evil character to life. The setting the film has makes you wish for snow and as a whole its odes a great job of being a Christmas film.


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