2 of My Favourite movies for Halloween

I’ve never really had much involvement with Halloween and nor has my family. Glorified and dangerous begging is the way it was always pitched to me whenever i’d complain about not being aloud to go trick or treating with my friends. Despite having almost no input or excitement about this holiday, it does bring about quite a fair few of good films to be replayed back on Tv and here are some of my favourites….


The Nightmare Before Christmas

I can comfortably say that I’m wholly disappointed with 99% of Tim Burtons work with it all being the same stuff just re-used again and again. But this film is the 1%. It has a unique and interesting story line that both adults and children can enjoy. The characters are loveable and the atheistic which tim burton gives to his films fits the genre and this animated movie perfectly.



You can’t beat the original Alien Movie. An Absolute masterpiece for its time with revolutionary special effects that still compete with todays standards despite being produced in 1979. The famous chest burster scene will forever go down in my books as a truly stomach churning scene that every horror movie should have some degree of. The terrifying Xenomorph creatures have you on the edge of your seat for the full running time of the movie and it was the start of a great and glorious franchise.

Watch this clip expecting the worst:


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