The Girl On The Train Review

Having heard great things about the Book, I went into the film with high expectations despite 90% of the time the film doesn’t live up to the book. I chose to ignore the iMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings this time round despite them usually acting as a bases as to weather I pay money to go and watch a film. The film was better than the score given however it didn’t blow my socks off and i’d put it around the 8.3/10 mark.

I do love a good film with a dramatic twist and this film did not disappoint as it had me constantly guessing who was behind the murder and made me question Emily Blunt’s characters sanity. I did enjoy Emily Blunt Finally not playing a plane jane which she seems to do an awful much and it was nice to see her step into the role of an slightly psychotic alcoholic and I think she did really well. the scenes in which she was filmed drunk were done very well and she put out a convincing performance.

The cinematography in this film was a little on the dull side but it worked well with the feel and tone of the film and complemented it nicely and I thought all the scenes were filmed with care.  There were however some pretty stunning shots of the landscape and most scenes were filmed outside.

The storyline was unique and easy to follow and at no point were you confused as to what was going on despite constant flash backs. The plot twist was executed very nicely and gave clarity to the audience and it had a good shock factor and made you feel even more sympathetic towards the characters effected.

The Murdering scenes were also done really well and had just the right amount of gore in that it was enough to make it interesting and show you the brutality of it, yet not enough to make you want to vomit.

The only area where this film was a let down was at its slow pace and over-used sex scenes that just made you cringe a little and made for an awkward viewing. It wasn’t amazing by any means, but it certainly wasn’t bad.


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