Comedies I shouldn’t like…But I do


Whats better than one Eddie Murphy? Thats right, 3 Eddie Murphy’s! But it has recently come to my attention that not everyone loves the film as much as me and I find that really sad. Just looking at this picture brings a tear to my eye..Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 04.48.30.png

Lets just get one thing straight… its hilarious. I re-watched it recently to see if i can still confirm this fact and I, hand on my heart, can. The Comedic timing is on point and while being a good laugh, it does still have a story line even if it be that its very predictable. Fair enough its not an award winning film for its plot but for its comedy it is brilliant. Even the trailer cracks me up.

I recommend highly.

Any Adam Sandler movie

Yeah I know that its trendy to jump on the bandwagon of hate towards Adam Sandler but for some reason i enjoy most of his films (apart from Jack and Jill obviously). My personal favourite is one of his earlier films, WaterBoy. The comedy in it is second to none and some of the gags make me chuckle a little just thinking bout them. The Lisp adds to it perfectly and the catch phrases stick with till this day.


Its so ridiculous that I adore it.


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