Preliminary Task: Getting It Right

The purpose of this task was to improve on our previous project and use and take into account the 180 degree rule, Match on action and shot reverse shot.


The plan consisted of a very brief script with only a few lines of dialogue and a basic story board, which we didn’t stick to whatsoever since casting proved difficult and we ended up with two boys going on a date instead of the conventional boy and girl. We did manage to book a quiet room for filming but other than that, not much else went to plan.


Filming was rushed and we forgot about the specification and missed out key elements of what we needed to film. We forgot to show the two characters walking across the room and when it came to the dialogue, although there did not need to be many lines of dialogue, there was too few which led to the audience being well and truly confused as to what they had just watched. Match on action was executed reasonably well but at times did not add any depth or continuity to the film and yet again, gave it an amateur look and seemed to be there for the sake of being there. The 180 degree rule had been taken into account and was mostly used aside from one questionable shot in which the ‘wine’ was being poured. Shot reverse shot was also focused on but used in excessive amounts with not much diversity which gave the film less continuity and made the film boring and dull.


The same software of Final Cut Pro X was used to edit our films that we made, just like our previous task. Upon editing the film we found out that the camera was not always balanced but using the tools provided we did manage to fix this error and adjust the clips to give it a straight horizon and more professional look. The actors used did find being filmed humorous so an extreme amount of editing was used to cut out laughter and this unfortunately came at the expense of having material to edit and work with.


Here is the final product..


To say I’m disappointed and appalled is an understatement.. Upon reviewing and watching our second attempt at this task we have decided to film another version of the same task in order to get it right and incorporate all the rules we have learned and make a film that the audience can understand and hopefully enjoy. We will focus on meeting the task specification as we failed to do so on our second attempt. This film will be planned, shot and edited in our own time over a course of one week.

Artefact 2 

Here is the final project of our third and final attempt..


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