Preliminary Task: Evaluation

I feel like the finished product is very mediocre and something that i’m not massively impressed with to be brutally honest. For a first attempt ever at filming and editing, it wasn’t too tragic but there is a lot that i’d want to change given more than 50 minutes to film and only 100 to edit.

The focus was out on some shots and I often forgot to turn off the auto focus, once in focus, which led the camera trying to focus mid-way through filming and made it look very amateur. Some of the shots also distorted the visuals of the room and were taken from different angles which confuse the audience of where the characters are in the room. The audio was not the best as a constant muffle could be heard and it didn’t seem to be very crisp due to some audio that ending up on the final product, was recorded by the camera instead of the microphone. The 180 degree rule was not followed leading to the room looking distorted and didn’t let the audience see the whereabout’s of the character in the room.

Although the dialogue could be described as poor, it did do a good job of following the specification of; one character opening a door, moving across a room and then conversing with another character. Match on action was used well in opening up the door to the room as well as showing the transition of the character across the room. Editing was jumpy at the best of times, however for a first attempt it was not that bad.

For the next task I will keep in mind all of the positives that i can gather from this first task and try to incorporate them into my next as well as learn from the negatives and improve upon them



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