Don’t Breathe Review


I would say that the new film ‘Don’t breathe’ is deserving of its ratings on both IMDb (7.6) and Rotten Tomatoes (78%) as it is not a bad film and its not an amazing film, its just a good film. I’d place it round about the same rating but maybe a little lower such as 7.4-7.5/10 but thats just because m a bit of a nit picker.

The plot stripped back to the bare bones is: 3 house robbers go to rob money from a blind ex army veteran but mis-under-estimate the task at hand and end up in a very sticky situation.

*Spoilers incoming*

Lets get the bad out of the way first.

As presumed following its horror genre, most of the main characters die. But i just cant feel sympathy for them. The only character you bond with and have sympathy for is the Blind Man and Rocky, both of which characters survive till the end.

The ever so classic ‘infinite ammunition gun until a point blank shot can be taken, thats when it then runs out of ammo’ returned in this movie like it has done in so many others which is something i detest. Yes i know gun shot noises are cool and play a great part in a chase seen, but it does get awfully boring.

The ending was a disappointment and purely there to make sure that the industry can milk the storyline for as much money as they can get before it dies a slow and painful death. The cliche ‘The Bad guy lives when we all thought he was dead’ played out and made me want to sink into my seat due to the cringe.

Meat baster full of semen.(Im not joking, this was actually a thing)

Romance. Why? Why does romance need to be present? It adds absolutely nothing to the story and is another typical horror movie twist which i hate! They all follow the same format more or less; Guy likes girl, Girl has boyfriend, Girls boyfriend doesn’t like guy, Girl wants to break up with boyfriend because she likes Guy. No. Just stop it now.


Time for the Positives of the film

As far as I’m aware the plot is an original concept and it actually works as a film unlike so many others that have failed in terms of having a unique plot but not being able to execute it. The scenes in which the blind man is unaware of the


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