Adam Zayee’s AS Media Studies Blog

It could be said that I’m quite lucky in the fact that I’m the last Year to do the old course, which just so happens to be the most enjoyable!

The course entails taking an As exam as well as an A2 Exam at the end of each year (Summer 17/18) with 50% coursework and 50% exam making up the grade for both the As qualification and A2 qualification. The As qualification is 50% of the A2 and you can get a grade between A and E while in the A2 you have the possibility of reaching an A*.

For OSR, (As Media studies) because of the grade having an even split of coursework and Exam, there will be an even split of time spent covering the two areas. The topic for As Media will be; Key media concepts in Tv drama and we shall have one exam that lasts 2 hours long which is then divided into two sections. Section A of the exam will involve Textual analysis and representation and we will watch a 30 minute Tv extract and then have a 5 minute clip, thats part of the 30 minute extract, played 3 times. We will then be asked ‘How are the characters represented?’ and look at certain features such as;  Ability/disability, Class/status, Sexuality, Power and regional status. Section B is about the Institution and audiences and will require us to know case studies related to the 1 question that could be about the Film industry, Marketing, Exhibition, Distribution or Production.

Coursework being 50% of my overall grade in both qualifications means that it is highly important and shouldn’t be forgotten about! Essentially this blog will contribute massively to my coursework as I will use it to show my progression through the course as well as my understanding and interest in the topic. The main exercise for the coursework entails writing the tittles and opening of a new fiction film to last a maximum of 2 minutes and then using this blog to evaluate it by asking myself 7 questions to then be answered.

The course overall looks to be a blast and I’m really excited to be a part of all of it!



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