Hello world!

My name is Adam Zayee and Im a 16 year old student who attends Queen Elizabeth Grammar  School, who is currently undertaking the A-level course of Media studies! This bog will be used to document the process of my work throughout the course as well as share my interests and opinions on certain topics. Im obsessed with both Tv shows and Movies, so expect more than a few posts involving them!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Where are your posts, Adam?

    Here’s a bit of a to-do list with regards to your overall blog. Don’t worry, everyone’s got one…

    – Categorise posts correctly. Nothing should be “Uncategorised”. Anything about the course or anything you have decided to post under your own steam should go in “My Media”. Anything about textual analysis, including most things we do in class before Christmas, should go in “Representation In TV Drama”.
    – Start creating tags. Tag posts with any relevant terms. This post, for example, could be tagged “Flowers”, “TV”, “Textual Analysis”, “Comedy”, etc.
    – Ensure your sidebar has the correct widgets. You should certainly have a Categories widget and a Tag Cloud widget. You might choose to have others, such as Search, but you should remove anything irrelevant that might have been automatically included with your theme.
    – Remove irrelevant Pages from your blog. You only need the blog itself.
    – Ensure your theme allows posts to be seen in full and that it has “infinite scroll”.
    – Choose a header picture to personalise your blog.
    – Try to include more than just text in your posts – pictures and videos make your blog look much more inviting.
    – Proof-read carefully!
    – Take care with capitalisation!
    – Remove any “Featured Posts” that automatically appear at the top of your blog. The top post should always be the last thing your wrote.
    – Use a widget rather than a menu for categories – it makes things much easier for the examiner.


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